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Michael Mahaffey

Attorney at Law

Michael Mahaffey has retired after practicing law for over 40 years


Accused of a DUI or other crime?  Looking for a DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney?  With over 40 years of legal experience, attorney Michael Mahaffey's skill, experience and knowledge can work for you.  As a Washoe County Deputy District Attorney for 28 years Michael Mahaffey knows how the prosecutors prepare their cases.  DA Mills Lane assigned him to teach his attorneys how to prosecute DUI cases.  Michael Mahaffey has advised  local narcotics officers on how to obtain search warrants and how to submit their cases to the District Attorney's Office.  For nearly two years he worked in the Alternate Public Defender's Office representing parents fighting with Social Services for the return of their children.  Let attorney Michael Mahaffey use his skills to defend you.

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Michael Mahaffey, Attorney at Law

216 East Liberty Street, Reno, NV  89501

(775) 762-3641